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As the "foundation for all dance," we place a high importance on this style. Classical Ballet provides dancers with the technique, strength, and discipline needed for a solid foundation. Originating in the Italian Renaissance courts of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and later taking root in France, ballet is one of the oldest forms of dance. We offer classes influenced by the Royal Academy of Dance and Cecchetti methods for all levels and ages.


First emerging in Brazil in the early twentieth century, jazz dance builds on African American vernacular styles of dancing that emerged with jazz music. Since the 1940's, Hollywood movies and Broadway shows have used the term to describe the choreography of Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins. With strong ties to the music, our beginning-advanced jazz classes are all about the performance with smooth, syncopated moves, turns, and jumps.

Hip Hop

Originating in the Bronx of New York City, Hip Hop and its music are widely recognized by the public as well as the dance industry. As an evolution to Hip Hop music, Breaking is a specialized form of Hip Hop, using moves primarily on the ground.

Jazz Funk

Jazz funk draws from lyrical styles of dance, perfect for storytelling and projecting emotional depth. It is similar to Hip Hop, while keeping the technical influences from Ballet & Modern dance.


Our yoga class is Vinyasa based with flexibility and mobility training for dance students, providing poses to strengthen your core and improve your balance. It emphasizes the movement between postures, coordinated with deliberate, guided breath. The Vinyasa practice becomes a moving meditation that creates strength, freedom and fluidity in the body and mind. This class is a great compliment to any endurance program or dance practice.

Private Lessons

In addition to group classes, we offer private instruction to enhance skill level and increase self-esteem for all ages and levels. Contact us for more information or to schedule. 


Rhythm and movement combine perfectly to create this high- energy dance style. We love creating sounds and moving our bodies! Tap originated in the United States through the fusion of several ethnic percussive dances, primarily African tribal dances and Scottish, Irish, and English clog dances. We offer a modern Broadway style for primary and beginning through advanced classes.


Often associated with lyrical dance, with its smooth fluid movement and expression of emotion, this style of dance combines elements of several dance genres- including Modern, Jazz, and Classical Ballet. Dancers strive to connect the mind and body through movement while building a strong dance foundation. 


Breakdancing is an athletic style of street dance. While diverse in the amount of variation available in the dance, b-boying is typically danced to hip-hop, funk music, and especially breakbeats, although modern trends allow for much wider varieties of music along certain ranges of tempo and beat patterns. A practitioner of this dance is called a b-boy, b-girl, or breaker. Although the term “breakdance” is frequently used to refer to the dance, “b-boying” and “breaking” are the original terms.


This dance style combines classical ballet techniques with fluid movements and tricks such as cartwheels, aerials, handsprings, backbends and the splits. It is a physically demanding style that requires you to build great strength, control and flexibility. Accomplished dancers move gracefully from one trick to the next, incorporating dance techniques between each one. This fun, high-energy class incorporates all of the styles of dance popular in movies like Step Up and Bring It On


Lyrical combines Ballet and jazz techniques and is performed to music with lyrics to inspire emotion in the choreography. Instead of the focus being on precision, the choreographer gives the dancer the option to express strong emotion and individual style.

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